Wheelbarrow Production Line

Introduction: We supply a complete wheelbarrow production line. A wheelbarrow is a carrier, usually having only one wheel, consisting of a tray with two handles and two legs. Actually, we supply most feasible production lines to produce all types of wheelbarrows for using in the garden or construction or farm.

Products Details

Step 1   Electric shear: To cut the shape before deep drawing.
Machine Drawing Finished products
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Step 2   Hydraulic Press Machine (315 tons) : Drawing the outline of the bucket of wheelbarrow.
Machine Process Product
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Step 3   Hydraulic Press Machine (200 tons): edge shearing. To cut the edge, because the edge is not regular after deep drawing.
Process Scrap Product
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Step 4  Hydraulic Press Machine (200 tons): edge folding & edge crimping
Make the straight side to be round. Make the straight side to be round.
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Step 5   Pipe bending machine: Pipe bender to form the handle shape

Machine Tools to make holes in pipes Forming pipe
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Step 6   3 sets of Punching machine: Stamping and punching
63 tons Punching machine 40 tons Punching machine 25 tons Punching machine
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Step 7  Tyre making production line (others) and assembling
Tyre Spare parts Assembling
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●Press body Integral forged 45# steel, quenching and tempering. ●High efficient, safe operation, easy in installation and maintation. ●High quality steel plate welded with accuracy and stability. ●Multi-rod design ensures the depth and shape of the pressed product.●Construction sites ●Gardeners ●LandscapingA wheelbarrow is used to ease the stress of moving from one place to another with loads. wheelbarrow can be used for taking concrete from the mixing plant to its destination but where a small quantity of concrete is required. It can be used to transports what they need like the mulch, shrubs, trees, gravels among others from one location to the other.Parameters of Hydraulic Press
1 Nominal force of upper cylinder KN 3150 2000
2 Output of lower cylinder KN 1000 -
3 Return force KN 300 -
4 Effective stroke of slider mm 800 600
5 Ejection stroke mm 350 -
6 Max. pressure of hydraulic system MPa 25 25
7 Max. opening height mm 1250 800
8 Effective size of table Around the column mm 1350 1200
Edge  mm 1200 800
9 Dimensions of hydraulic tension pad Left and right mm 1200 -
Back and forth mm 1200 -
10 Speed of slide Rush mm/s 120-160 120
Working mm/s 10-15 5-12
Return trip mm/s 100-150 100
Push-out mm/s 120 80
Secede mm/s 100 100
11 Motor Power KW 22 15

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